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What meanings do the “NodeId”, “Version” and “Services” convey on Peers tab of Bitcoin-qt Debug window?

Bitcoin-qt Debug window

As shown in the picture,

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Is "NodeId" the ordered number (among all the existing bitcoin-core nodes) of the node that I am connected to?

How does "Version" differ from the "User Agent" version (on the picture, Version is displayed as 70015 and User Agent is displayed as "/Satoshi:0.18.0/)"?

And lastly, what does the "Service" mean (in this case displayed as "NETWORK & BLOOM & WITN...")?

Источник: “https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/92237/what-meanings-do-the-nodeid-version-and-services-convey-on-peers-tab-of-b”

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